Saturday, December 13, 2014

2014 year in Review - Part 2

Here comes more of 2014!  

July 4th with our awesome Mimi in town!  I love doing things with my girls. <3

Abigail turned 19 this year!  She taught piano, is always writing, playing and singing music, selling her hand-made crocheted or knitted projects, working at the frame shop, or nanny-ing! And, no, she does not do any of these full time, all part time. =)

Whether it's a day trip to meet up with golden friends or they come see us, we love them all!

This was the girl's 2nd Grade Christian school teacher in Raleigh, NC

Gray worked at the frame shop with Abigail this summer.  I think he forgot his belt....way to be resourceful! =)  It does make a fashion statement, um, I think...

We are in our church's Good News Club this year.  Abigail and I teach, lead songs and grade shepherd and Gray also leads songs.  What an honor to work with the folks at Lakeside Baptist!  We love the privilege to bring the Good News of Christ to the children.  It's an exciting mission field!

I don't think I can even comment on this one - I just thought you'd enjoy it! =D haha

Our church has a "911 Sunday" where they invite all emergency, fire, and police staff and their families in the community to honor them by holding a special service that included Pastor sharing the Gospel.  The church also fed them and their families.  We also have them bring their fire trucks, helicopters and other equipment for all to see.  Here is Nick being the best parking attendant there is - ever!

Lakeside Tent Revival!  We were blessed by Brother Ralph Sexton's preaching.  That's our Pastor Tad below!  He's a tremendous blessing! 

A trip to the mountains for Nick's dear parents' 50th Anniversary!
It was great to see these sweet folks!


You'll recognize this picture from our previous blog post (back up just a few) called "Prison Mission Trip".  This was the time of year we were honored to be a part of a dynamic team going into the Florida prisons and sharing the Gospel, teaching and discipling.  

On our way out of town the oh-so-precious Keller family graciously took us to Silver Spring's and we got to ride in a glass bottom boat!  There are more pictures on the previous post. =)

We love to go to the Colonial Times Park in our area that has building replicas, black smiths, a time period church service, candle makers, etc.

My precious dad, better known as "Pop-Pop", had surgery and we flew to be with him.  God answered many prayers and he did amazing!  Silly Gray...  

We went to Arkansas to Jessa's wedding.  We were not aloud to take any pictures of the ceremony or reception so these will just have to be proof that we even attended! haha

Awesome time at the Duggar's house with these special friends!

Gray turned 15 this year and got his learner's permit!

If you have any social media, are following our blog, know us or live in this universe I'm sure you already know that these two amazing people got engaged!!!  The very post before this year in review post is their detailed engagement.  God definitely orchestrated this exciting event!  And, as you can tell from this year, Brandon has been a tremendous blessing and huge part of our family already!  Please pray for them as they will be saying "I do!" in March!

God has blessed, we are unworthy, but, HE AND HIS WORD ARE FAITHFUL!!  Please pray for us when you think of us and let us know how we may pray for you!

We'll end with this...

2014 in Review - Part 1

"And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord....And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."  Luke 2:10-11, 13-14

These beautiful words never get old.  We have read this over and over through the years and find our hearts filled with peace, comfort and joy every time; reading that the foretold prophecy is fulfilled, of when our Savior was born, how the multitude praised God and gave Him glory and that it was for all men.  What a blessing it is to celebrate one of the most precious Christian holidays we have.  Thank you God for sending your Son and thank you Jesus for humbling yourself from Glory and lay down your life for all!  May our lives begin to tell of His love and somehow be a glimpse of creating a desire in others to follow Him.

As we do our "2014 in review", let's take the time to reflect on the past year at what God has been in our lives and give Him glory!  I'm reminded that God has taught us a lot this year about Him.  We experienced more of His mercy, grace and unchanging love this year in our family.  I personally have been most thankful for His Word.  His Word has been my guide, counsel, comfort, friend, and the Truth that has sustained, encouraged, enlightened and challenged me.  Thank you Lord for your Word!

Merry Christmas and may you and yours have a joyous New Year! 

Love, The Adams'

Seeing as how we haven't been prompt on our updating this year, we'll try as be as chronological as possible and know that we really did cut out a lot of pics and info, I promise!  Some are random and some are labeled.  Here we go...!

Gray is in 9th grade this year and has really been diligent in getting his work done and is doing well!  This, however, was a text picture I received one day when they were "doing math"...the story is long and involved but, just know that he finished his lesson and did excellent...ha ha!  We may be unconventional but, we sure are a ball of the students say here at the Adams Christian Academy!

We love the McKains and miss them dearly as they moved to Virginia to live near their family.  They were always a blessing to go to church with and still are an encouragement to us in our walk with the Lord.


We visited our awesome family in Raleigh, NC.  We never get enough time with these sweet Christian folks. =)  We miss living near them.  Love y'all!

Madelyn, Abigail and Brandon went to Bible college locally this past school year and here they are with Brandon's adorable cousin and college friends at camp meeting.  We miss all of you!

Easter Sunday

We enjoyed accompanying Brandon and Abigail while he preached and she played piano.  They also sang at the assisted living facility weekly while in college.  They (and sometimes we) would also preach and play at a local church and the mission downtown.  Here we are at the assisted living with them.  Abigail had some of her previous piano students help out as well.  We love to hear Brandon preach!  He is currently teaching the Youth Sunday School and the K5 - 5th on Wednesday nights at his church in North Carolina.  He is working at a credit union full time while studying at a Theological Seminary. 

Double dates <3

Gray's creative projects - and there are always many which include making movies, construction and more!

Madelyn turned 20 this year!  This is her b-day dinner!  She is working in the front and back office at a psychiatrist's office.  They love her efficiency and her love for the special needs of many of the patients.  She has blessed many of us with her incredibly beautiful drawings.

We were delighted to have Brandon's parents come visit for Mother's Day weekend!  We love them and had a wonderful time!

This is what college students look like when they pass their finals and finish for the school year...a bit celebratory!

It's great when special friends come visit - all the way from Texas!

More sweet college and church friends!

We went to our annual ATI Conference.  "Looking Unto Jesus" was the theme and the teaching, as well as the fellowship, was such a blessing to each of us, as always!

Grand 'Ole Opry Hotel

Rainforest Cafe

Sometimes when we're on the road somewhere and we can't squeeze quality time into the trip to see special people along the way, we meet up for what we call a "Highway Hug".  These are some of our favorite people!

Hilton Head get-away!

A "friend" that came up on the grass on the grounds of our condo!