Monday, November 17, 2014

We're ENGAGED!!!

The most wonderful day of my life so far has just happened. On Saturday November the fifteenth, my love Brandon Allen Scott asked me to marry him...and I said YES!!!  What a romantic, beautiful, and perfect in every way surprise it was!!  And here's how the event unfolded...

It happened at the Brick Pond in North Augusta South Carolina, a lovely place with a board walk over the water where Brandon and I had spent many a happy Sunday afternoon together with family or friends. I was looking around reminiscing, when the van suddenly stopped. Mama turned and looked at me and said, "Abigail, you need to get out. This is for you.."

I was a little unsure of what was going on.. until I stepped out. I heard music... a string quartet was playing on the pavilion in the distance.  Then I knew...

There was a table before me with a letter from him written to me... which told me the music was playing just for me (with many other sweet things!! <3), and instructed me to walk forward and then to the right and my surprise eagerly awaited me...

It was the longest walk of my life!!! Tears of joy and shock were steadily running down my face.  I  finally reached the pavilion.  There he was.

The moment I had always dreamed of...and it was WAY more special then I could have ever imagined!

I said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon read 1 Corinthians 13 with me... a beautiful picture of true love. <3

The family came to congratulate my FIANCE and I :) 

Brandon asked my Daddy to say a prayer of blessing over us and our future together!!  It was such a special moment. <3

She said YES! ;D

 It was so wonderful to have Brandon's mother and my family there to share in the joy.

There were many, MANY happy and joyful tears of love shed that day :)))

We went to Bonefish Grille to celebrate :))

"Come fall in Love" <333

And...they had a surprise party at the house for us (the engaged couple!!!!) afterwards!!

Look at this ADORABLE ring cake Mama made!!!

Yes, it was the absolute most perfect day filled with many PERFECT moments.  And through our entire relationship... how God brought us He showed Himself in every point of our journey, Brandon constantly leads me to Jesus, prays with me, laughs with me until we cannot laugh any longer, and so tenderly desires to know my heart.  At every step he has sought the guidance of The LORD and my parents. God has done a marvelous work in and through us that is not yet complete!! And this day I am overflowing with joy.  I said YES to marry my bestest friend, and YES to what God has for our future.  

I LOVE YOU Brandon Allen, and everything you are.

~The Future Mrs. Scott

Can't thank Serse (and Ellie) enough for the photography, loving support, and capturing every moment of our special day. I love ya'll so much!!!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Prison Mission Trip

I, Kelly, am a changed person because of the God I serve, and because of the power of forgiveness that was experienced on our trip to FL.   I left a part of myself there and stand in awe of the work of the Holy Spirit.  Gray, and especially Abigail and Brandon, say the same.

God opened the doors for a team of 75 people from all over the US, including Abigail, Brandon, Gray, and myself to be a part of ministering to the incarcerated in 4 FL prisons due to Mike and Suzette Keller, Missionaries to the incarcerated and the IBLP ministry.  Also, Florida State Rep. Charles Van Zant.  He, as well as the Warden over several prisons there are Christians, and with all of them together there is an ongoing presence there along side the Keller's.  The Keller's have been faithful and God is working mightely through them in varioius FL prisons.  It's been a joy and blessing to witness their hearts for these people.

Men's Prison
(Brandon is in the red shirt in the front  row)

Women's Prison
(Abigail is top row, third from left.  I am almost center next to blonde lady in bright salmon shirt)

We were there for a week working daily through Biblical curriculum called Journey to the Heart.  It teaches to the unsaved and disciples the saved.  It was daily from 9 am - 8:30 pm.  We would have large group time where we taught, sang and played music, worshiped, prayed, and read Scripture.  This was primarily lead by Becky Keilen, Ruthie Westfhal and Laura Oliverio.  Also, Sarah Waller and Ruthie live and work among them most of the year.  These ladies just love these women and it is evident!  They have amazing Godly wisdom and were such a blessing.  We would then break into small groups and counsel more one on one.  Abigail and I were team leaders of separate teams.  We were able to Scripturally help these ladies get to the root of many problems. 

When we entered the first morning the prisoners stood and cheered like celebrities.  We looked around wondering who they were cheering for, it was us!  It was awkward but, they quickly told us it was because they were so thankful for our love, Jesus' love.

Most of the prisoners were hungry and desperate and have never known real love, which was overwhelming to me.  They were real and wanted help.  Some were hard, afraid, mad they were there or mad they got caught.  There were all kinds of emotions that made for an intense and emotional week.

Abigail and I were part of a smaller team that went into a group of prisoner's that had just arrived in prison.  We would get an hour and then the next day some had already been shipped to other prisons, or there would be new inmates.  The eyes were desperate, the faces fearful.  Some were cold and distant.  One young woman just started crying and asked me to hug her.  There were salvations, brokenness, and the presence of Jesus. 

Here are a lot of the men on the men's team, and some kitchen support.  Gray is 5th from the right.  Brandon is 4th from left.  This is at the Child Evangelism Fellowship Children's Camp.  They were gracious enough to allow everyone stay here. 

Breakfast at the camp with some of the women's team

Grayson was part of the kitchen team, among other various duties.  He helped prepare a meal each night in a separate building that was on the men's prison compound for the team of approximately seventy-five.  His favorite part of the week was hearing the testimonies that we would all share at dinner time, then pray over them.  We would then return to the prisons for the night session.  

In our briefing the Keller's stressed to us making sure of their salvation because all religions come into the prisons.  So, the two main concerns were their salvation and walking people through gaining freedom in forgiveness and bitterness. 

It was a distinct honor to work with the team of women we were on!  These gals love the Lord, His Word, prayer and people!  Can't say enough about our time together there.  Well, I guess that it just wasn't long enough to fellowship with them!

Thirty-five were saved, that we know of and there were a tremendous amount that forgave and had true reconciliation from a life of damage, pain and abuse.  I wish I could share every testimony!  It was faith building to witness the power of God work in the hearts and lives of these women.  

I know what some of you are thinking – were we afraid?  Someone asked me before I went in, “Are you afraid a fight will break out?" or "Are you afraid to get AIDS?”  Honestly, I was more concerned with making sure I had God's words and God's answers.  I realized that I just wouldn't have all the answers these women needed.  I couldn't possibly always understand what they'd been through however, I knew a God that did!  I felt inadequate but, I knew the Holy Spirit in me was more than enough.  My prayer was that I wanted them to know Jesus loved them and that He had a purpose for them - even in prison.  I purposed to shake every hand and look in every eye and name every name possible and mostly, try and get to every heart for Jesus.

More of the Women's team outside the dinner hall

One of our team dinners

On our way out of town Suzette Keller and Priscilla Waller treated the kitchen team and our family to a glass bottom boat ride and the beautiful grounds at Silver Springs 

One of my spiritual mentor's, prayer partner's and dear friend - Suzette

Kitchen Crew - plus a few little "helpers" =D 

Road trip to Florida!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Brandon & Abigail!

Forgive us for not posting in so long!  But to start us off for this year, we have some old but good news. :) Mama promises some more posts coming up!
Abigail and Mr. Brandon Scott have now been together for five months!  What a beautiful love story has blossomed over here at the Adams' house! <3
It's Abigail here! :)  The Lord has been so good to lead Brandon and I together over the past several months.  Our relationship to each other, and with the Lord, has gotten so deep and real as we seek Him together!  What has transpired is truly a work of God and a miracle that neither Brandon or I was expecting! :)  The Lord's ways and thoughts are higher than our own!  And together we are THRILLED and bless His name. 

We met at Victory Baptist (where we go to college and church together) at the end of the summer last year.  He is studying pastoral theology and is called to preach.  I am thankful that we have been able to spend concentrated time getting to know each other, to find that we share the same calling to ministry, same goals, and that we love being together.  I admire Brandon for his Godly leadership and that we have kept Jesus as the center of our relationship!  I enjoy our Bible study and times of prayer.  We both can't thank my parents enough for their wisdom in guiding us and teaching us along the way to build a firm, God-honoring foundation at the beginning of our lives together.  After much prayer and confirmation of the Lord's will for our lives, God opened up several opportunities for us to minister and serve Him together.  We have held church services at the rescue mission, weekly at a nursing home, and he preaches at different services when called! We regularly lead a church service (Brandon preaches and we do the music) at a church in South Carolina. Here's a few of many pictures of our journey together: 

My best friend!

We enjoy traveling with church family to various revival meetings, church services, and choir trips where he often gets to preach!

We do a church service weekly for our nursing home, where he preaches, we sing, and I play for him as he leads the music :)  What joy it is to work together as a team ministering to others! 

My favorite preacher <3 

Bowling! :) 

My Valentine!! <3 Surprised me with a beautiful bouquet and my "Brandon Bear" haha :)))

Singing for our college Sunday School

Snow day! :)

Our matching "Victory" t-shirts ;D

Always having a great time together, no matter what we do :))

Please pray for us as together we "press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." (Phil. 3:14).  These past several months of smiling, singing, supporting, and serving by his side have been purely amazing.  He's a huge blessing to me and inspires me to walk closer to Jesus every day! 

Thanking the LORD for shining His face on us, and blessing us with so many special memories made together, and looking forward to many more to come!

With happiness and lots of love,

Brandon's Girl <3